One of the things that one misses when leaving Suriname is “the good food”. Because of the different cultures, there are various dishes that make Surinamese cuisine unique.

Roti: Roti is a rolled pancake, filled with potato or yellow peas. This dish is originally an Indian dish that is used in combination with Curry chicken or mutton and potato garter. To make it complete, the ground pepper is added. No cutlery is needed

Saoto soup: The tastiest soup ever from Indonesian cuisine. This soup would be worth a try. This soup consists, water, bouillon, potato sticks, chicken filet, boiled egg, pepper

Tjauw min: This is a Chinese vermicelli prepared with roasted chicken or pork through it. Tjauw min is a dish from the Chinese. Fachong is an important and very tasty ingredient. Fachong are small sausages available in chicken and pork.

Her heri/ Moksi alesi: Her heri is a dish comes from the creoles. It consists salted fish, boiled banana, cassava, sweet potato and an egg. Moksi alesi also from the creoles is a delicious mix of chicken, vegetables, rice and ingredients to your own taste. This dish from the salve time has no fixed recipe

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