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Taxi, Car and Bike Rental

Some international car rental companies are present in Suriname and it is possible to rent a vehicle in Suriname. Vehicles can be rented at the airport, the rental company offices and through local travel agents.

All drivers are required to be in possession of an international driving permit. The vehicles cannot be taken over any borders. Besides car rentals there are also local bike rental companies in Suriname.

Taxis are available in Suriname and most of them are metered. For those that are not metered the rates need to be agreed upon before departure to avoid inconveniences after the journey. Taxis are very easy to find throughout the day including Sundays and local holidays.

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One of the best ways to travel through Suriname is by bus. Local buses are the cheapest and most popular mode of transportation in Suriname. Most of the buses are medium-sized and they are referred to as “jumbos”.

Suriname has both private and government-run bus companies. The government buses are cheaper and far more popular with the locals. Both types of buses run form the capital of Suriname to various other locations around the country.

The National Transportation Company (Nationaal Vervoer Bedrijf, NVB) is a government subsidized transport company that manages the government-run buses and boats throughout Suriname. These buses and boats have set depature schedules unlike the private buses.  

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