The Suriname’s health care system comprises a network of government-subsidized primary health care facilities. There are five main hospitals in Suriname of which four are located in the capital, Paramaribo, and one in the district Nickerie at the western border. Besides the main hospitals, there are many private care clinics throughout Suriname that are accessible to everyone. 

The Bureau of Public Health (known as the BOG, for its Dutch acronym) is responsible for the public health programs, including environmental health and sanitation.

Below are the contact information of the main hospitals in Suriname:

1) Stg ‘s Landshospitaal 

2) Academisch Ziekenhuis Paramaribo

3) Sint Vincentius Ziekenhuis

4) Stg. Drs. L. Mungra Streekziekenhuis Nickerie

5) Diakonessen Ziekenhuis



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