When it comes to Suriname shopping, there are a lot of choices such as, Malls, Downtown Paramaribo, Major department stores and markets.

Downtown Paramaribo
It’s a good choice for Suriname shopping is downtown Paramaribo, It’s a busy area during business hours. All favorite shops are located within the downtown area. Stores open Monday through Friday from 8 am- 5 pm and Saturday 8 am- 1 pm. Some stores are open until 9 pm.

Shopping Malls

we have 3 major malls in Suriname: The biggest and most popular Hermitage mall, The Maretraite mall which covers Paramaribo North and The Times mall in downtown Paramaribo.


The best place to get to know what products the country and the people have to offer is at the market. A few popular markets in Paramaribo are:

Central market – One of the most popular places to buy food is the capital’s Central Market – noisy, colorful and the largest one in Suriname. Located by the river, it offers customers fresh meat, fish and local fruits and vegetables.

Saoena market – offers excellent Indonesian dishes, plants, clothes, tableware, and much more.

Chinese market – Many herbs are sold here. There is a wide selection of meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit. You will find roasted duck, saw paw, dim sum snacks. In short, a wide variety of different products.

Kwatta market – The Kwatta market is a small variant of the Central Market. On this colorful market you will find a wide variety of good and fresh products. A good choice for the locals, but also worth a visit for tourists. In the back there is a section where you can enjoy delicious dishes on Sundays.

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