Good shopping opportunities are always nice to vacations in any country. Tourists wishing to do standard shopping can explore the Surinamese shopping centers, which are not much different from typical shopping centers in other countries. Most stores are concentrated in Paramaribo,  the capital of Suriname.

Paramaribo has an incredible number of souvenir shops including a local Craft and Art Gallery that is specialized in local arts, crafts, high-quality T-shirts, beautiful postcards, and much more.

In the capital’s malls, you will find stores of luxury international and local brands selling clothes, accessories, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Some of these shopping malls houses lots of fast-food restaurants and playgrounds where parents can leave their kids. 

There are also stores in the capital that are selling high-quality jewelry, clothing, leather goods, books and much more.

The most popular place to buy groceries in Suriname is at the capital’s Central Market.  This market is located by the riverside and it sells fresh meat, local fruits and vegetables, clothes, cosmetics and much more. The ambiance in this market place is noisy yet colorful because of the different population groups that are selling and buying goods from each other.

Please contact us for more information and directions to the shopping centers.

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